Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Here's Abraham Hicks.

you may think it's odd to see this post on a blog that has been so steadfastly focused on health and nutrition, but actually it is not too far fetched. because you can't change who you are forever by willpower and words alone. the only way you can make a long-lasting, substantial transformation is by changing how you think and feel from the inside. if you "hate the whole world and think it is ganging up on you" then it is, but you can "love the whole world and feel is working in your favor" and it is!

you can say to yourself "i hate myself, this diet will never work... i'll just gain it back" or you can say:

 "i am worthy of love. i love myself! i am going to take care of myself just as i would help an innocent little child. i will make good food the eat that is healthy and satisfying and i will enjoy it to the fullest, knowing that ultimately being healthy today is the first step to being healthy every day. i am going to succeed because i am worthy of a healthy, sexy, feel-good body and no one can keep me from having one but me!"

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